Annapurna Base Camp Sunrise Timelapse in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal Trekking Documentary

Ooh, the sun is coming around the mountain and it’s gonna shine on us ah, beautiful.

Warmth in the sunshine, just what I’ve been asking for all morning, oh, first time the sun’s actually managed to come down on the ground here, here to thaw my fingers and toes out and here comes a helicopter, I didn’t cheat and use a helicopter, I don’t know if you can see it coming in here where is it? I don’t know where it’s going, whoa it’s coming straight for me. Oh, ooh, whoa the wind is cold. Whoa, well I’m not sure if i would really enjoy your trip, I’ll be scared to death.

Annapurna Base Camp Sunrise Timelapse in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal Trekking Documentary Photo Gallery

Annapurna sunrise, so not too cold last night, although i did have a sleeping bag and a blanket and wore most of my clothes, managed to keep my toes warm as well and then up before dawn come up and watch the sunrise, sorry about the camera, over that, which I’ll show you now. It was beautiful but perishingly cold, I mean so cold. So here we are at Annapurna base camp, let me get you some of the mountains, towering above the base camp, which is freezing down here, I don’t know if you can see in that corner there, that is a little lake, that is completely frozen and all the white on the stuff on the ground yes folks, that is snow and we are surrounded by snow-capped mountains in every direction.

Have a look at that, I don’t know if I can zoom in a little bit, you could see the snow blowing off the top of that mountain. I would not like to be up there at the moment, I’m at about four thousand metres and I am, freezing. And there, look at how beautiful is that.

My legs today, seem okay but let’s see how they feel when we start trekking down, let’s get that warm breakfast. Well, what a journey it’s been from Kathmandu to Pokhara, a nice night beside the lake in Pokhara and then hiking for how many days have we been now, five days hiking? six days, six days hiking, to finally get, to Annapurna base camp, for this view, now isn’t that spectacular? It hasn’t been all easy, it’s you know, it’s been the case of you know, making your legs work, there’s been some great food on the way but and we made it, we made it in good time, we also got really good weather, we only had one day when the clouds came down and it didn’t snow on us when we were hiking or rain so on the way up, it’s been brilliant, weather and this morning again, beautiful clear sky. So, we’re gonna sadly make our way down, don’t know how far we’re gonna get we’ll see how far we get, depends how long I spend up here taking pictures and posts rather actually hiking down.

So, it’s well worth the trip, it’s spectacularly beautiful but do be prepared for the way that, as you can see there is snow on the ground, it snowed like I showed you yesterday afternoon and it was bitterly cold during the night, getting up an hour before, well no, not an hour before sunrise, a few minutes before sunrise and getting out here because the main base camp is where we’re sleeping, is behind and there’s just this fantastic view point here, where you can watch the sunrise. It was beautiful but it was cold, cold, cold really cold, but I had an extra luxury, my guide went and got me a hot cup of tea to hug, to watch the sunrise, how good is that, hey? So I actually managed to get most of my fingers semi warm, while I watched the sunrise, my toes were freezing though but it was well worth it, they’re really beautiful and the hike was good tough in parts, steep, had to look after your ankles and your knees but we made it, four thousand, two hundred metres, is that right? four thousand, three hundred metres, four hundred one hundred oh four thousand, one hundred, if I climb on that rock I might be a bit higher. And this is Annapurna, base camp in the sunshine, not like we arrived yesterday, in the cloud and the snow, don’t be fooled it’s still cold, but this shows you what it’s like, give you an idea.

Look at those beautiful mountains below. There is where you try and stay warm have your meals, there are the rooms along there, let me show you a toilet, so you know what you’re getting yourself into, there’s only two toilets for the whole camp and they’re like this, the floor is very slippery, there’s your water for washing yourself, there’s your toilet, it’s a squat toilet, there you go. Now it’s time to go down, gotta say goodbye, bye, it’s been great,it’s been cold, been beautiful, it’s been freezing cold, did I mention the cold? but gotta go down, it’s gonna get warmer with every pace, by the beach tonight, palm trees? palm trees, yea, beach.

Beach, beautiful beach with the hot spring (beautiful girls) hot spring let’s go. Dodgy bridge time again, remember the last time we came over here, well the river is more frozen than ever, when I last came up, still some water and some icicles, I don’t know what we’re doing hanging around the bridge, here we go. Well, we’ve got past the first camp MBC, in quite a good time, I have here we go.

We’re making good time, but we gotta keep going Morning, namaste. Namaste, namaste. People on their way.

I hope they enjoy the views and get nice, nice weather like I did, maybe a bit warmer for them Gotta be careful along here. Okay, let’s give you an update of my mornings hike, okay after leaving late of course because you guessed it, photos, posts and everything on the way, we should have pushed on, quite hard. I had a bit of a mishap, sprained my ankle, yeah, farthest away possible but it’s okay, I’m just gonna go carefully and soldier on, push through the pain, it’s not a full sprain, I don’t think, I’m ignoring the pain, carrying on, oops just gonna concentrate here, cross the river, so yes, first incident of my whole trek, my ankle, my right ankle, so it’s not my strongest ankle but you have to take it easy because we got a long trek today, we’re hoping to cover about thirty two kilometers, in seven to eight hours.

Not all downhill unfortunately or fortunately because downhill does tax your ankles and you, your knees a lot more than uphill, the uphill, your calves and your breathing. So just to keep you updated, we’re still going, we’re on our way down it’s a little slower than we’d anticipated, wish me luck I’m gonna concentrate on walking now and not falling over anymore, let’s trek. Tea stop, I’m gonna skip lunch now and push on, have lunch somewhere down valley.

Yeah, I remember this bit on the way up, it was nice, bright and sunny as this, so rocks are less slippery but really tough under your feet. It’s basically a combination of a landslide, where the river comes tumbling down the mountain, you have to pick your feet carefully, pick where you put your feet carefully, there’s your next meal going up. Okay, let’s make our way through here, oops doesn’t look overly comforting does it? boulders, rocks meshed together here and there, hang on, I don’t remember this.

Ok, going accross the bridge And I’m back to you, oops just to check-in, It’s, I think it’s now one o’clock in the afternoon now, so, within the next half an hour or so depending on my pace, I’ll just stop and talk to you rather than try and climb over these rocks, it will be a bit safer for me and my ankle and you. So I think we have about another half an hour of downward and there’s a steep up, before the next spot we’re gonna have lunch there. Beautiful hiking starting to get tested again, even though we’ve come with come down over fifteen hundred metres in altitude, so the air is a lot better, but it’s a long hard hike, but the beauty more than makes up for it, I mean that, is gorgeous, okay.

Noodle soup for lunch, I decided to try and get something not too heavy, since I’ve got quite a, large trek trek is afternoon but it’s a huge bowl of noodle soup, oh well let’s pack it in while it’s hot. The after lunch trek, so far it’s been mostly downhill, quite slippery, that’s where we’ve come from come from, wet underfoot so we’re making good time but we’re still being cautious. And across, and I see steps up, get the feeling my downward, day is ending and my upward day is beginning.

Okay, we’ve been going up these steps, for what seems like ages and I know I shouldn’t look up but, they seem never-ending, head down, lift your foot, keep going I just realised it’s dripping sweat everywhere, camera out of control, I’ve looked up to a good scenery still beautiful, oh boy I have no idea, how much longer I can do this but let’s get on with it. yep. more and more More bridges and a slight respite from the uphill, got my breath back, saw a monkey, cross the bridge.

Hey, where are you going? camera wants to go that way, understandable because look at that view, come on wide-angle oh that’s better, we’re pushing hard, to get to Sinuwa tonight, beat the weather coming in, okay let’s trek. okay We’ve nearly made it, how am I looking, pecht? because I am, I mean like completely finished but that on the hill that’s all I’ve got to do. Unfortunately all I’ve got to do, is go downhill and then there’s a long, long flight of stairs sound familiar? I can do it, we can do it, let’s go get some tea and some supper and a comfy bed, I hope it’s a comfy bed anyway, any bed will do.

Ooh, we’ve made it folks and just before sunset, Sinuwa, two thousand, three hundred and forty, so we’ve almost dropped two thousand metres today and walked for pretty much eleven hours oh but we are scraping in before sunset and all I need is a bed for the night. We have arrived, got a room to myself tonight, at the moment, unless lot’s of guests turn up then they’ll put another bed and we got here, before sunset, which is great but now my feet are telling me get me out of these shoes and socks. My sweaty tops need to come off, so I’m gonna go and grab a shower get some fresh clothes on and then guess what? get a cup of tea and some food.

And then I think it’s gonna be bedtime, early night but covering so much ground today, which we have covered, can you believe it was today, we saw that fantastic sunrise, over the eight thousand metre mountains that we’ve walked down two thousand metres? and I don’t know what the distance is, but I’ve walked for over eleven hours. But we managed it, still here my feet are definitely going and my ankle still quite sore, I’m hoping that a good rest tonight we’ll do it good, but it means we’ve got a much more relaxing day tomorrow, which is great. So keep trekking, keep happy..

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