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Hello everybody. And welcome to attache two shows that get you in out. And around from the world’s greatest cities my name is Alex hunter. And I’ll be your Sherpa on this life well traveled. And today we’re in Amsterdam there are a million reasons why you could be coming to Amsterdam a lot of which I probably don’t want to know about but this isn’t the -dimensional city that the tired cliches.

And knowing chuckles would have you believe it there is way more to Amsterdam than the coffee shops in cabaret historically geographically. And culturally of huge significance Amsterdam is one of those cities that rewards the traveler who puts down the guidebook bins the tours. And starts exploring. And we’re going to give you everything you need to do just that Amsterdam is served by skiffle an absolute monster of an airport located about seven miles southwest of the city this really is a huge Airport the fifth biggest in the world by area.

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And it has six runways. So it can make for some absurdly long taxi times from the terminal onto the runway the neat thing about Amsterdam Airport is that despite being. So huge it only has one mega terminal that’s divided into three interconnected holes. So this makes transiting through Amsterdam actually really really easy.

And it’s something that the airport has built its reputation on. And if you are transiting through Schiphol. And you’re a plane nerd like I am then definitely check out the panorama terrace it’s a free open-air viewing terrace with its own little fucker come on that it’s a fucker it’s an airplane look little fuckers right there Royal Dutch Airlines a personal courteous service continuously surrounding all those who travel by air. So when you’ve had your fill of airplane geekery how do you get into town home good news it is easy there is a train that runs every minutes from the airport into central Amsterdam the journey only takes minutes.

And it’s usually on one of these awesome double decker train isn’t weird that I get excited by double decker train yeah this if it’s weird to be excited by double-decker trains I don’t want to be right right anyway to find these magical double decker trains you need to find the double decker train you need to go to the Schiphol Airport railway station which is located directly below the main airport passenger terminal you can buy a ticket from one of these yellow kiosks or from a ticket counter but if you use the counter you’ll be charged an extra euro for the privilege click it from the airport into Amsterdam will cost you euros if you’re planning on using any public transport in Amsterdam while you’re here it’s well worth getting one of these an Amsterdam travel ticket not only will it get you from the airport into town.

And back again it will also give you unlimited travel on all tram metros trains buses. And ferries operated by gbb for euros for days that is a no-brainer [Applause] there are other ways to get to the airport yeah but you don’t get you’re going to double decker train sold like to point taxis will cost ten times as much as train saying that Hoover. And the bus takes twice as long as the train. So you know what to do Amsterdam’s public transport system is comprehensive cheap.

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