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Easy to use with trams trains metros buses. And boats you have plenty of options to get around this great city the tram is the main form of transport here in Amsterdam there are sixteen lines that spider out from the center of the city across the entire place. And there are transform everywhere all the tram stops like this one have local area maps as well as full network map. So getting around using a tram is really easy one last thing about the trends a lot of attractor at the same level is the street. And it is alarmingly easy to just walk straight onto the tram tracks.

And that could ruin your day. So keep an eye out when you’re crossing the streets especially in a lot of traffic when there’s stuff flying by your heads is one of those things like my head isn’t a tram there’s also a metro system with four lines three of which start right here at Amsterdam Central Station now the Metro predominantly serves the neighbourhoods in southeastern Amsterdam but it’s still a worthwhile way of getting around those parts of town when you’ve got your answer damn travel ticket or euro v-chip card which is their equivalent to the oyster or Octopus card the kind lady here at slaughter die station reminded us that you have to tap in. And tap out not just at the beginning.

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And end of your journey whenever you change from a train to a tram or a tram to a bus or anything like that to make sure that you don’t make the mistake that we just did for planning your public transport adventures Amsterdam is a very h. And s to to app which gives you route planners. And scheduling for all of the city’s public transport options. And of course Google Maps which I don’t know what we would do without on these adventures coverage the city well. And includes most of the public transport options in its direction arguably Amsterdam’s most popular form of transport is the bicycle or bike there are more bikes in Amsterdam than there are people.

And the city is incredibly bike friendly with bike lanes along almost every major street contrary to popular belief bikes do not have the right-of-way over other traffic in Amsterdam. So don’t go plowing through intersections thinking you’re Johnny invincible because you’re not I have angered the gods . And remember Amsterdam ears have been riding bike since the day they were born with many of them having cycled right out of the womb. So don’t get in their way they’ve got places to be. And people to see. And if you get in the way you’re going to know about it Antron ends like this I’m cueing but here’s the thing Amsterdam like most of the Netherl.

And s is very very flat it’s also pretty compact which makes it a very walkable city most of the major tourist destinations are within no more than minutes walk from Amsterdam Central Station. So next time you’re planning your route take a look at the walking directions on Google Maps before you look at the transportation direction oh. And if you’re a strong swimmer feel free to navigate the city using the city’s canals don’t don’t do that that was a joke don’t do that you’ll die when you think of the Greek food cultures of the world you don’t automatically think of the Dutch but there are loads of Dutch contributions to our global kitchen more than you might think how Dutch cheese alone should reserve the Netherl. And s place at the table Gouda even leo dammit all Dutch but it’s not just about cheese there is. So much great food across this city arguably the Netherl.

And s national dish is raw herring stay with me it’s delicious it’s actually salt cured. And usually served with onions. And pickle. And you can find it on street stalls like this or in the fanciest restaurant in town but either way it is amazing it allowed to come in one big piece. And in that case just pick it up. And dangle it in or sometimes it’ll be chopped up. And given to you in a paper plate like this or in a napkin but no matter how you get it get it because it is a part of Dutch cuisine Oh like that’s sushi another favorite bite-sized treat our venerable they’re round balls of beef ragout covered in bright cones. And then deep-fried they’re usually served in bars as snack. And almost always arriving groups of five.

And they always come with mustard you’ve got to try these they are a dutch favor we have our good friends over on the amsterdam subreddit of reddit comm as is tradition to point us in the direction of the favorite Amsterdam eat. And as always redditors were extremely generous with their tips. And suggestions of where we should eat in this city that is fanatical about its food I want to thank user lock stock NL for pointing us in the direction of this unique Amsterdam dining experience see Bo now this ain’t exactly fine dining but it’s the fast casual fuel that Amsterdam runs on it’s basically a giant vending machine with hot. And cold snack oh there’s a bunch of different choices to make my personal favorite is this the cast rocket which is basically the beef ragout covered in breadcrumbs in this portable pipeline format sometimes easiest forgets that Indonesia was a Dutch colony until . And during that period a lot of Indonesian people came over to the Netherl.

And s when they get they brought their incredible food with them. So all over Amsterdam you can find these amazing Indonesian dishes like nasi goreng which is one of my absolute favorite a great way to end your Amsterdam day is with this capsule on which weirdly means barbershop invest. And launch not strictly an Amsterdam thing apparently was invented in Rotterdam it’s still incredible. And it’s french fries covered in Donna or schwanman root then covered in melted Gouda cheese. And then salad. And spicy garlic sauce we’re talking , calories of Dutch madness here brilliant brilliant the most of Europe the Netherl. And s uses the euro. And because of all the recent grexit not just the value of the euro has been all over the place. So keep an eye on it before you come over because it could drastically change the constant things for you. And with that in mind let’s do the rundown cup of coffee or cost around euros the pine a beautiful Dutch beer will cost you around five years.

And for the most reliable indicator of a nation’s cost the good old Big Mac you’re going to pay about euros Amsterdam is generally a very safe city violent crime especially against tourists are very rare but pickpockets do roam the tourists heavy areas. So like the savvy travelers I know you all are watch your pockets though the bling. And you’ll be flying. So now give you it’s time for the uncomfortable conversation in our relationship tipping the good news is it’s actually pretty simple here when you’re in a restaurant you’re looking at the menu the service fees. And taxes are rolled into the price of agency that’s required by law.

So if you want to leave a tip as an appreciation for a good experience five to ten percent is more than enough. And that my friends is the attache guide to Amsterdam if you’ve been here before. And feel like we’ve missed something out or you live in this great city in which there was that one thing that everybody knew before they came here then leave it in the comments section below. And while you’re there take a second subscribe because we have some amazing cities coming up in the rest of season three. And now Greg. And I are off to buy our stroopwafels. And raw herring for our loved one because nothing says I love you like raw herring come on Greg let’s go you.

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