Amazing Holiday in the Fall Canada

I’m making lunch boxes veggie burger because we are planning on taking a canoe home our fireplace stop distracting me we are planning on taking the canoe down to a little island which is right there yeah that’s where we want to go am I kidding the cano ready think he’s came if that doesn’t look too comfortable. So yeah my horizons moving my water taxi hi my water taxi okay we’re going to an island by tweakin away I we’d Michael Cano and you sitting at the front roaming Oh next pretty bright too.

So we made it to our first island cup of Michael and uh yep we have our house behind us and it is getting a little bit warmer although this had it. So ichigo’s it’s cool ah and yeah we’re thinking of going to another Island because it’s getting nice and. So that difficult as we thought it would be but these as I thought it would be it’s not too bad because guess what I’m not doing anything. So it’s easier Michael doing all the work is he filming yeah exactly i’m taking photos I’m her number one job is not even two or it’s just make sure we don’t hit rocks yeah no I’m looking at I remember New Zealand had an amazing sky and I’d say Canada has amazing sky to like I find myself taking photos of the clouds all the time beautiful and the color of the sky it’s really breathtaking look at that now we want to land on this island here because it looks tiny.

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So we thought it would be fun. So quiet. So nice butters you think or is just like whatever showed up alrighty votes for the island like the emirate it’s tiny that’s it that’s how big this I love this it’s actually kind of exciting at I come to meddle with lots of all isms just multi-line never actually I quote my swordsman okay really quick and guess what i found what i want to go to sleep in yep it’s been in by some creature something someone creatures my mom’s it’s a commercial because it has a special bottle we waited to another Island the little islands we’ve been to us right there and now we’re here I’m going to have some lunch that’s our lunch we’re exploring the island fun some woodpecker holes we’re just about to have our little picnic our lunch in the middle lower we need some hot tea you’ll have to work on it yeah but you’ll do nice we are a little Inlet here very cute okay here because Michael wanted to come here you wanted to look for beavers but we didn’t see any yet example of a fighter look at this tree it’s like hanging off but its life fighting the nature and pushing off the water.

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