Aman Tokyo Reviews – Luxury Urban Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

The hotel has a small lobby on the ground floor. Here, you find the concierge (the main lobbyls located on the 33rd floor). Aman is the world s most exclusive hotel brand. The group manages a small collection of ultra-glamorous properties across the globe. Among the Aman group’s habitues are Aman jungles.

These are passionate repeat guests whose travel plans are determined by Aman locations. Three elevators take guests to the 33rd floor lobby. A separate set of elevators operates between the main lobby and the guest room floors. This is the hotel’s PHENOMENAL lobby on the 33rd floor. A water pond, rock gardens, and ikebana flower arrangements create a zen athmosphere.

aman tokyo reviews luxury urban hotel in tokyo japan

IMHO, this is the world’s most spectacular hotel lobby. The 30 m (98 ft) soaring ceiling of washi rice paper is designed to resemble a shoji lattern. The lobby offers spectacular panoramas of Tc. The green area is the garden surrounding the Imperial Palace. The library and cigar room provide an intimate setting for relaxation. The lobby is surrounded by the hotel’s communal areas. This is the hotel bar… Where are all the people?. I filmed in the early morning as not to disturb other guests, before the place come&alive. Taking the elevator to the guest room floor. The accommodations are located on floors 34 to 37.

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I stayed in this room during my visit. Room category: Premier Room (the hotel has 84 rooms & suites in total). The room s decor taps into Japan s design heritage. The spacious room features an elegantly-appointed living area and expansive bathroom. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer incredible urban vistas The loungers in front of the windows make it very hard to leave the room …. Yours sincerely.. We arc very delighted to have you here Please have a wonderful time. Welcome to Aman Tokyo We arc pleased to have your reservation through. Please enjoy the following benefits during your stay.

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Tip: always book an Aman hotel via Virtuoso. This will entitle you to free VIP amenities (room upgrade, daily breakfast, resort credit). The bathroom features a massive, granite bathtub. Taking a bath while enjoying those killer views is a pure delight. The well stocked minibar is complimentary. Alcoholic beverages have to be paid though. Soaking oneself is not only relaxing but helps to s tense muscles and increases blood circulation. Includin tips which also cover basic bathing etiquette enhance your Japanese bath experience..

aman tokyo reviews luxury urban hotel in tokyo japan 3

Xirur yourself outside the bath.

Stey slowfy into the bath anff soak up to the shoulders. A beautiful, dark corridor leads to the gym and pool. The light-filled, state-of-the-art fitness center is equipped with the latest techology. The Restaurant by Aman is located adjacent to Each morning, it is the decor of an exceptional, a la carte breakfast.

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Your choice of Fruit Juices from Wakayama Tanii Farm or Milk Orange, Mango, Apple, Regular Milk, Chocolate Milk. Today’s Fruit Yogurt, Seasonal Fruit Compote or Cornflake or Krispy Chocolate. Assorted Fruit Plate. Cheddar Cheese Scrambled or Cheddar Cheese Omelet Chicken Sausage, Japanese Hashed Brown Potato. At night, the restaurant becomes an Italian fine dining venue.

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