Let’s go? Let’s go! Café Brasil! Where should we sit? Where there’s a pillow What’s that? “Travesseiro”? For god sake. Welcome to Café Brasil Here in Los Angeles We found this place called Café Brasil where the menu is not in portuguese Everything is in english, let’s translate? Wow, there’s so much meat Good news for a vegetarian As a brazilian in Los Angeles, I’ll translate the menu Here we have a Risole It’s a. You guys! There’s “salgadinho” here! Dish of the day It costs dollars Which is like reais I want the dish we had last week A vegetarian “Feijoada”? Is there a “feijoada” with havaianas? If you are in a real brazilian restaurant you should get havaianas in your “feijoada” Damon actually did it again. He placed his havaianas inside of his “feijoada” Right? And ate by himself I sliced the white havaianas And put it in there And it has like a taste. Chew? Rubbery Like, you have to chew it You have to “chew” Oh, “mastigar” Mastigar? I’m hungry you guys! You go eat You go eat! I’m eating! I’ll have a “coxinha” Shut up and eat! Are they brazilians? I don’t know I don’t think so No? I don’t think so I’ll look crazy if I speak portuguese?


I don’t think anyone is going to understand you But there’s brigadeiro Shut up. Puddding Milk pudding Passion fruit Is the vegetarian dish good? Yeah Is good? If it wasn’t good I wouldn’t eat You guys! I miss Brazil so much! And to think that I only went to Rio and Sao Paulo And there’s this You are mexican? Yes And you speak portuguese working here? Sim Really? That’s so cool You guys. Yes! There’s farofa! It looks so good, It looks so good! We like it a lot I love a international world I’m having a Guarana, farofa, beans, rice, fried bananas A fish, which looks so good A coxinha And Damon. Beans, but there’s no beans inside of it Rice Vegetables Banana Let’s go I don’t know how to eat this Do you know what I want? Yes? To eat all of this? Same here I want this system you have in Brazil There’s a buffet, you get in, pick what you want, pay for it and eat it I want this, but there’s no such thing We picked a dish but it looks so good Look at this fish I attempt to do this at home but it never looks like this May I have some farofa? I would like some of this in my table It’s for my table! I want. Ok, fine. Just because I like you. A little bit Do people eat this like this?

Maybe I like to sprinkle farofa in everything She’s too loud, I know I want to eat with you guys, not with her. Not anymore The owner is over there I’m having a thing called a food baby Ok, but you got that too I’ll eat this coxinha and it will go straight to my little thighs, or big thighs Do you always feel like this after eating this food? I just loosen up my belt Let’s go to the beach? No Bikini show Could you imagine It’s time, it’s time! He’s falling asleep, we are done, it’s over I want a coffee He needs a brazilian coffee It costs dollars here And I know it will be like this A drop Nope, it’s time, it’s time to finish this coxinha and get out of here I’m putting this coxinha in my pocket, let’s get out of here What is this called? A “arroto” Arroto? Arrotar? Arrotar What is this called? Soluço It’s time, it’s time. Soluço Arroto Fart Thank you for watching! Share this with a friend Com um amigo (With a friend), not comigo (with me) No, with friends Several of them, we want several! Leave your comment down below of your favorite recipe of a brazilian dish Because you want to go back to our kitchen. I do, but I’m cooking! You stay with your havaiana on the floor You already know that the feijoada with havaiana was the best We’ll create a recipe to our feijoada with havaiana Kisses everybody See you next time Hold up, hold up Hold up, hold up We are going to get kicked out if we don’t get out in five seconds. Bye Bye guys it was so nice. No, really. I’m speaking to no one Ok, I’m out.

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