Hi guys! It’s the first day We have arrived here in Rio de Janeiro We think it will be nice, if we talk to you every morning People, we want to talk with you each morning To tell you what we are feeling To talk about the little things that happen every day First thing, I am already having communication problems What did I say? In the “avão” (airplane) Avião “What was the expression that the flight attendant said on the airplane? He just said: ‘Welcome to Brazil!’ I heard this You are welcome I thought he had said “be welcome”. Senhores He said: Oh, there’s an expression in there, “eyeless” I was like “what?” Ladies and Gentlemen? Confession: the first thing I noticed was that there are so many people here who look like me, because I’m in my country, and that’s a really good thing. I’m enjoying it already. I’m feeling at home, and I don’t know. it’s not that I’m talking like I’m pretending I really. I told ‘Damon, I’m not pretending this feeling’ You know those people who say things, which are really not happening? This is not it! What is also happening is that this girl thinks it’s my first time traveling Because Damon says things like that. And another thing, to get in the immigration line was the greatest moment of my life To enter in the line of Brazilians, and I was separated from Damon Day Okay guys, it’s day two in Brazil, I already have a stuffy nose Because I’m talking too much And I had so much fun yesterday We made a “night” I’m learning so many words.


By the way I’m not learning, cause are fully words in English ‘Night’, ‘um drink’, I took a drink, or more. Yesterday we were there, and I was feeling myself It was an excellent night Look, I’ll teach you some American slang words “Tipsy” Now everyone can use It means when you have a small drink, and its nice You are not no drunk, but you are “tipsy” Everyone is “tipsy”. Okay! And not now, now I’m wide awake. Damon’s turn Hi people, second day Look, my accent changes sometimes You know that yesterday we climbed a mountain Two thousand meters, and more. And at night, we danced Killed it And now, we’re gonna take a walk through downtown Rio Which means. more walking The small legs will get bigger Or smaller In my case, bigger Day Third day in Rio We were talking before recording. Do you want to explain? Yes, please. It’s something way too serious I’m feeling here Ok, first thing, I woke up a little scared I had a dream that the world was ending Every night. I don’t know what is happening here in Rio Because every night. You don’t have much confidence in the direction of your life No, my son That’s not it We’re talking about the subject of learning languages And as I am already here in Brazil for three days, I am Brazilian You, Brazilians, always have a “nice” little opinion to talk about my Portuguese And sometimes, like yesterday, the taxi driver said, “Hm nah, where are you from? You’re not from Rio, you are not from Brazil, you’re not Brazilian” Then I was like, “God! You are so unpleasant I know I can speak Portuguese, but sometimes there’s one thing that comes out of my mouth, one thing out of the millions of things that comes out of my mouth that is wrong Like a very small thing And then I can’t speak Portuguese anymore, only because of this one thing Because this is not a reason. I’ll give the cam back to Damon because he’s got the same feelings, but in French We can speak some languages, but in a level where we can communicate what we want But the problem is when you are at a certain level, everyone thinks.

What do they think? Everyone thinks you are cute Damon is feeling so well because he’s learning every word, every verb, he is learning so much At this level which you are learning for the first time, you feel like Superman Because you feel like you are actually learning Wow that’s cool, I can use the word now People think you’re cute when you make mistakes But then you reach that level, like mine in Portuguese And Damon’s in French It’s not cute anymore It is no longer cute speaking little shitty things I spit So that’s why it’s not cute It is not cute because I’m spitting So guys, when you are with a person who is learning another language, and you speak that language if they. do mistakes If they make mistakes Don’t be one of those people who are like Not trying to help, not wanting. To understand To teach The worst thing in the world to say to a person is: you are not this, you are not Brazilian, you are not French, you can’t to speak Portuguese, you can’t speak French It has nothing to do with your life, you’re judging my life and my life is not your life to judge my life, so please dear Don’t criticize people who are almost at the level of reaching fluency, but still need that tiny little help Because that’s how everyone will keep learning languages, they will want to learn Because I don’t know how it is now You don’t want to -I don’t want to But I will continue, of course But this is the only subject of the day Day Forth morning. You might think that we change our shirts to film everything No, it’s really every morning Yesterday I ate the best thing I’ve ever eaten here in Brazil We are living with Brazilian people, and they prepared something, what is it? A farofinha with kale, and a pasta with pesto It was vegetarian farofa Yeah, farofa is vegetarian, but if you put meat that is not It was not only farofa But it was farofa and kale, so good. So good See you in the next morning Day Fifth morning, there’s something that gets me confused every morning Every night there are bug bites, every morning they disappear Yesterday I woke up am, I put spray, I almost put spray on you too I don’t know how, it’s like an bug bite, but in the morning It fades away Maybe we have some but, we are not scratching it now I am scratching it here Theory, not logic Day Sixth morning Today I’m getting tired I don’t know what happened yesterday, but I slept like Now I can’t move like this It’s good that today we’re gonna do a volleyball course Footvolley (soccer+volleyball) I am going to have to be your cheerleader No Do you know how to cure it? You Just wait, isn’t it? Here, okay Here, horrible Here, nice Of course, she already has. See you tomorrow To be continued What day is today? Day,,? Valentine’s Day My voice is awful, why guys? Because yesterday, we talked to a lot of you.

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