ABC Annapurna Base Camp Trekking Documentary Himalaya Mountains Trek in Nepal

Shangrila wakes up, last stop for us before, heading to Abc. So, long tough hike today, but it’s the hike, wish me luck. And brisk, cold morning to you, hope you having a good day, we are back on the trail, and it is the day.

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Tucked into breakfast, tucked into hot tea, packed everything as you can see today entirely different day, long trousers, long sleeves, gloves, hat, down jacket because, oh It’s cold. Starting off, minus eleven and we are trekking, to the Annapurna base camp today, so, not such a long trek in distance but we’re getting quite a bit of altitude and it’s cold from the word go. We’re gonna wend our way around this mountain and into a bowl, that is surrounded by snow peaks that are between six and eight thousand metres high.

Really looking forward to it and also whoa, my nose is cold, my fingers are cold and so far my merino wool socks are keeping my feet warm, as long as I keep moving. So it’s quite difficult today because, the sun doesn’t get down to this valley till quite late because we’re between two huge mountains here. So, if you want to stop for a rest, there’s a risk of getting colder than you are and you don’t your feet cold, so, I’m plodding along with not too many stops, just so I can keep my blood pumping, keep me warm, I’ve tucked out a bar of chocolate and my emergency rations, sorry I keep looking down the path is a bit rocky right beside the river here.

Oh, look at that, there’s the river, I don’t know if you can see, we’re going up that valley, around to the left, around that snow-capped peak. Got down to a chilly start, had no power in the camp this morning, no electric power because it was too cold and ABC where I’m heading, Annapurna base camp, only runs on solar power no fire, in the camps at this height because there’s no wood. So, I’m pretty much wearing, almost / of my clothes just to hike in, so it’s gonna be a cold night tonight.

I will have to, wear all my spare clothes, in bed and we have to get up for sunrise, so I hope we have a clear night, hope you enjoy this view I’m just gonna take you a bit further forward past this person that’s taking a picture and then take a nice picture, of myself, on the river and the mountain behind, back to you before I freeze. Solid engineered bridge, wood. Ooh, it’s getting serious, sorry camera, it is getting serious, it’s getting cold, I mean I’m starting to see frozen things on the ground, frozen plants, river is still running, quite a way behind below us now sun still hasn’t hit this valley as you can see down there, sun slanting through the valleys on the peaks but not on me.

Oh and it’s tough going, I’m cold, my ears are cold, my nose is cold, my fingers are cold, my toes as long as I don’t hang around for too long, I keep pacing a bit to keep my toes, are still warm thankfully. There is an icy, cold wind blowing down off the snow on that mountain, icy but we did okay with marching on, I don’t know what’s the pace we’re making or how we’re doing, I have no idea, I’m just plodding along. So I stopped for a short break because like I said before you can’t stop too long because you’ll freeze.

So, just checking in with you, making sure you’re okay letting you know that I’m still okay and I’m still going, I’m gonna get as as far as we can up this mountain, okay? let’s freeze I mean let’s go. Ooh and we are making progress, see that up there? let me try and zoom you in, there you go, right up there, it’s my first tea stop of the day, it’s in sight and I need that cup of tea. Let me zoom you out a bit now here we go, one, two, three let’s see if, see what state I’m in? hey and out the sun is just coming onto me how beautiful is that? I need it I’m still cold, even my toes got a little bit cold, my toes, my nose, my fingers it’s been really tough.

Really gaining an altitude now, it’s been a stiff, steep, upward, rocky climb, but I can see my cup of tea waiting for me. Machhapuchre Base Camp, three thousand, seven hundred metres high. Behind it even here, see on that side, Annapurna I, on that side, Annapurna Fang and I think or another snow-capped very tall mountain.

We’re going to be heading slightly towards this way, towards the base camp of Annapurna I. But, made it three thousand, seven hundred feeling okay, and what it says on the, Welcome to Ganga-Purna View Lodge. You can see Mount GangaPurna, that must be that one there that I thought was Fang but it’s not and Mount Glacier Dom only from here.

This is the only safety place by snowstorm and avalanche, so if there’s bad snow you don’t carry on walking, this is the last safe place between here and ABC, there’s nothing else in between so, I’m gonna make those last few steps up, just up there, get myself a seat rest my feet and, get a cup of tea yes, welcome to three thousand, seven hundred metres everybody. That’s a way to spend your afternoon, baking in the sunshine heat. Do you have your planning, permit before you go, up there? We are surrounded by mountains now, everywhere you look, in each direction if you can see into the sun, snow-capped, mountains.

Beautiful, I don’t know how to capture this, but that’s where I’m heading, that’s Annapurna from the other side, remember? A flash back a few days, this is it from one side, and this is it from the other side, we have walked all the way around and yeah, I’m stalling again. I’m on the last leg, I don’t think I’m on my last legs, although it’s tough and cold. It’s, a long slow, uphill slog, river is completely frozen here, I don’t know if you can see down here, breathing is, tough.

The altitude, the tiredness, my legs are doing better, either that or they’ve just got to a point where, they don’t care anymore, my brain has said, well ok, they are hurting so much, you keep using them, what can I do to tell you to stop? Oops, struggling with camera control, The hut is just up there, close enough that I can see the sign saying Namaste you’re welcome. I’ve trekked through down, down in that valley you can see, I hope you can see those mountains too. Let me just check you can, yep they’re part of the Annapurna.

The sun has been dodging in and out, the cloud is building up, so I have to make sure I get there, before the snow comes in because I don’t want to be out here in the snow, it’s cold enough as it is, can you see that river down there? let me just point you down there, that river. Frozed! Froze froze froze with this morning snow still sitting on it, yeah it’s beautiful but it is challenging, it really challenges the mind and the body to, to keep going, I’ve got my music in my ear, so that helps me dance a little, snowy patches all through here. And the fact that I can see where I’m going, and it’s still uphill, it’s one of these long, long slogging slopes it goes up and up so, the worst thing, breathing in my head, not headache but just like oh.

So nearly there and then I look up, I’m still so nearly there, it feels like, just keep plodding along, one foot at a time just like life, but we’re gonna make it, we are gonna get there. I feel we’re gonna freeze overnight, it’s not even midday so, not the warmest part of the day but it’s minus eleven, yep minus eleven. I am not looking forward to, tonight, there’s no heaters in these places to stay up here, here you go I give you a nice view there because there’s no wood for fires or anything and you can see where I’m going just there, that’s all I’ve got to get to is there, I can do it.

And I got to keep warm this afternoon, at sunset, warm all night. I might have to wear all my clothes to bed tonight and then up for sunrise in the morning, because for sure we’re going to bed soon as it gets dark here, because it’s gonna be, cold. Okay, let’s do this last slog together, shall we? hope it’s not gonna be too long, and if the camera falls clink on the side, you know whats happened.

Okay here we go folks, just got to step across this little gully with frozen river, and let’s do this, together. Wonder if I could just get some sun before the last little bit, it would be nice, the sun’s trying to break through but there’s some big dark clouds, looming up, hope nobody’s coming up later because they’ll be snow in those clouds, not rain. Uh-huh I’ve been very fortunate with the weather, I’m very grateful for that, Let me just adjust the screen so I can see where I’m pointing you, there we go, if I point you up a bit, you can see the clouds, the blue sky, the mountain and Namaste Annapurna, Base Camp, it says congratulations.

We achieve, we earn come on with me, come on let’s do it, wow, you and me, oh look the sun, there we go, and Namaste to Annapurna Base Bamp, ABC, four thousand, one hundred and thirty metres and somehow I’m still talking. Here we go, we, oops have officially made it, but I’ve still gotta get up there for my cup of tea. Hey, come here camera, we did it, Annapurna Base Camp, have a look at the sign four thousand, one hundred and thirty metres high, I need a rest.

I’m not gonna do that every weekend, maybe a couple of weeks rest and then I’ll try Everest, no, I think I’ll take a couple of months off, maybe try Everest next year, but here we go and here’s my guide, thank you very much for dragging me all the way up, keeping me on track and feeding me snacks and drinks all the way, and then that view. Okay, thanks guys, I’ll be back to you when I’ve got a cup of tea and some breath, we did it. That’s my room for the night, nice and cosy and full, guess which bed is mine? The one that doesn’t have a sleeping bag, has lots of equipment lying all over it but they are simple rooms, thick stone, it’s already cold in here.

This person has very sensibly asked for blankets as well as a sleeping bag, I’ll do the same, I’m not gonna unroll my sleeping bag yet because it gets cold if you unroll it too soon, so my sleeping bag is still tucked up in there I’ll warm it up and unroll it later when I get into bed, probably with all my clothes on. Annapurna Base Camp, ABC, I am there, I’m here, It’s freezing cold and the cloud has come down, so we’ve got no sun, so I’ll see what shots I can get you. There we go, have a look, it’s snowing, I’m gonna get out of the snow now, get the camera out of the snow, I don’t think it’s snow proof but, look at that the world is turning white, save this for Christmas maybe? Snowing and it’s freezing bitterly cold but see I’ve even got two hats on, all my gloves, all my clothes on, and I am still cold.

But I thought I’d have to come out and show you, the snow, I couldn’t just sit inside look through the window, it’s not very attractive, so I thought I’d come out here, I’m not going over there, really nothing to see, honest there’s nothing to see. Low clouds have closed in, and they closing in more and more snow is coming down, when I arrived here, I don’t know if took a picture of it? there was a little bit of snow in the corner now everything’s got a nice covering of white, looks pretty but it’s not user friendly trust me. Sorry if the camera is shaking, I’m shivering with the cold.

No sunset this evening, it’s gonna be a snow set, so before supper, snow. Snow is falling all around me, I am freezing. Time to go inside and that’s a mountain and get some tea.

Supper, then go to bed early and sleep through it and hope it is not still snowing in the morning..

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