A Massive Hike of Colorado

I so we’re climbing Mount massive which is massive and what would you would you say the elevation gain is on this guy It’s about, from where we started so we it decided to take the Southwest slope route.

That right? south west. southwest it’s a little bit shorter and it I think absolutely gorgeous back here and how many miles is this round trip. seven, maybe it is beautiful.

A Massive Hike of Colorado Photo Gallery

We’re about an hour and a half in. and getting into the incline. yeah.

Pretty mellow the first part now straight up. yeah we had some beautiful waterfalls on the way in and ahh some nice Avalanche shoots that they’re not beautiful but they’re cool oh yeah this is nice so we’re taking a snack break here at thirteen thousand eight hundred feet about., oh I lied, and yeah pretty awesome view we got Elbert, Colorado’s tallest mountain right there and some beautiful Lakes just just snacking on some fruit and nut and Cheetos.

It’s the best diet and we got about how much higher to go? think about, ft left so we kind of drifted off the trail It seems for a little while in this snow field and you know the trail goes from here? I’m not too sure have an idea, I know it goes up yeah, so all we know at this point is that we need to go up. so up we go okay so now we’re at, and we still haven’t found the trail but continuing at this incline anyhow and trying to find a route to the top but the nice thing is Sun is out we’re out of the shade and my hands are warming up. so keep on pressing up so still having found the trail and keep going up this steep incline until until we get to the top or find the trail or something so we’re just going to keep on going we’re just ascended this field of scree and we’re for just at, feet looks like we are going to meet up with a massive trail after that saddle so we’ll climb up the rest of the scree and then be able to see the top or pretty close to it so made it pass the scree field, the summit is insight here.

Oh trail, Nice so this solid ground is so much better than the scree field. it was was drained draining my energy fast. every step, you go half a step backwards, with the low oxygen.

So almost there we’ve made it so chilly and windy, but beautiful. LeadVegas baby fourbay, Twin Lakes made it to the top in about four hours. About, feet elevation gain and now time to get some pictures, food and get out of here whoa, oh yeah holy sh*t snowfield they went down this way, i went down this way.

So this is in fact my th different fourteener and what number is this for you? number. and you? um I’m not sure I think around something or maybe my first it was with Jamie here and it was super exciting and difficult for me as a first er it was a Bierdstad and what do you remember about that? so we decided to go find Josh’s birthday and started on so that bierdstad and it’s usually pretty mellow you do want to start off on um there’s quite a bit of snow and with that we decided to cut the road a little bit which was a bad idea and we started walking over some willows and just kept plowing through the widow’s so we ended up doing penguin style and belly rolling across to help with our surface area because we didn’t have any snowshoes. like every step was like up to our waist it was draining our energy fast and soaking us yeah so unfortunately the belly roll worked um then it cleared up a little bit we got to the top I think did i bring you s cup cake? yeah, no it was a peanut butter jelly sandwich no cupcake it was a few more and jelly sandwich put a candle in that lit it quick but any maybe blew it out maybe the wooden got it not too sure and then we decided to put out our puppies and glissade on our stomachs yeah and like those photos on the way down just pretty safe their words rocks on the bottom or anything that comes like today a little bit a little yeah but ended up taking out to thing stick cowardice out and it usually would take just a couple hours so a little longer they expected all right the left at : -ish : and we made it a whole I don’t know eight some miles yeah I don’t know and it’s way warmer down here there’s a table you.

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