A Day in Delhi Sightseeing New Delhi Attractions India 6 Humayuns Tomb India Gate Kutub Minar

A day in Delhi. It’s India day, or.

Anyway it’s breakfast and it’s India. Delhi in a day. So I’ve got my auto rickshaw, as they’re called, and this gentleman here, the driver, is called the rickshaw wallah, or the driver Rickshaw wallah.

Ricksah wallah. what’s your name? Rajesh Thank you Regesh. He’s driving me to the India Gate which is the first thing i’m going to see this morning on my day in Delhi.

So I’m going to to the India gate, the tomb, the lotus temple…

A Day in Delhi Sightseeing New Delhi Attractions India 6 Humayuns Tomb India Gate Kutub Minar Photo Gallery

I’ll see what I can do in. Now for getting round to see all these sights it’s fairly easy but it can be a bit of a hassle there is a hop-on hop-off bus which i think is rupees for one day and it goes round all the major places to the city the problem is it doesn’t really have a fixed schedule of like every half hour every hour so it turns up when it turns up, that’s partly to do with traffic and organisation so it’s a bit tricky because you might be standing around to go and see a monument and then you wait for an hour before the next bus comes along so I’m doing the next best thing which is hopping on and off rickshaws. Now the pain with that means that every time you find a rickshaw which is very easy to find they are always waiting for you, the biggest thing is negotiating a price knowing what prices is should be between different destinations so what I do is I go to my hotel and make friends with the receptionist’s and the people there and then I ask them what the prices should be between different places and then I’ve got an idea so when I go to the rickshaw driver if he’s in the right ballpark that’s fine if he’s too high I don’t even bother arguing I just walk away there’s always another rickshaw so usually they’ll chase you down the street for the price going down down down but I don’t like to encourage dishonest ones so I find another one if he gives me a good price first time and that way I know, ya know trying to keep them honest.

I know sometimes it seems like you’re arguing about a small amount of money but it’s the principle and the fact that they feel they can rip off tourists just because we’re foreigners. We might have a bit more money but we’ve still got to make that money go a long way. So for my first fare today from fairly central and close to the Old Delhi area going to India Gate, rupees.

Getting to the India Gate without getting run over. That might be easier said than done. Line up with this guy Go! And first stop is India Gate which is like a big version of the Arc de Triomphe in the middle of New Delhi.

What’s it like? Well have a look for yourself. There you go. There we are, the India memorial to the dead of the Indian armies who fell and are honored in the near and the far east and it’s sacred memory of those whose names are here recorded who fell in India on the northwest frontier and during the third Afghan war.

So essentially it’s a war memorial to the brave soldiers who fought and died in battle no nothing thankfully okay happy Diwali. Sorry. Hi how are you? good thank you how are you I am also fine Now started my day quite early partly because it gets hot during the day and secondly believe it or not from what we’ve just seen there’s less cloud crowds earlier in the day than later.

Now, where did I leave my tuk-tuk driver. He said he’d wait for me but let’s see if he has. If not I have to get new tuk-tuk driver onto the next spot.

Come on let’s go. I left him somewhere. He may have gone yeah.

You come with me I drop you there. No it’s okay thank you very much. Humayuns tomb.

Humayuns tomb. How much? okay come on. next tuk tuk, next visit is humayuns tomb.

Let’s go humayuns tomb, is that how you say it? Is it recording? Yes. Humayun’s tomb now I just took a tuk-tuk from the India Gate to here, rupees. I think it’s fair price, it’s really difficult to tell I’m not sure what Humayun’s tomb is, well apart from a tomb, but what it looks like do anything and as you can see there’s these huge blue wall car parks this side walking down the path let’s go see thank you very much have a lovely day and here’s my ticket for Humayuns tomb.

And here for inspection. good morning Thank you. good thank you.

Happy Diwali. Wow it’s quite beautiful here. It’s amazing that in the heart of Delhi there’s so many of these beautiful green areas tucked away a little bit cool gets away from the hustle and bustle yesterday was the Red Fort again the same huge gardens here at Hanover handle man’s Hanna whens – might do apologize I have just massacred how to say that and again you’ve got these beautiful gardens walled areas as well as obviously the tomb itself it is quite beautiful it’s so like a precursor to the Taj Mahal it’s beautiful gardens and as you can see amazing architecture.

But it’s now midday the sun is blazing down it’s time to find some shade find a drink find something to eat time to taste some more Indian food, But first of all I’ve got to find somewhere to eat it’s strange to find at a lot of the big sites is not actually that much to eat and then you go to other areas random areas and there’s eateries everywhere but here we are, we are enjoying Delhi. We are having a fantastic time even though, I must admit, the temperatures getting a bit hot, and it’s getting a bit crowded in some places. Ooh, that’s better in the shadeshade but it’s beautiful I mean look at that that is fantastic okay let’s get something to eat and do some more exploring Time to take a break, get a cold drink.

Before we carry on with our day in Delhi. I’ve got water as well. Drink plenty plenty plenty as you go around.

You can go to these little stores like this one here, they keep them tucked away cold, just be careful on the price in the touristy areas, they go about this should be about rupees and about, I can’t remember, about I think. and here they’re cooked I think in your tickets now I’m very lucky at the foreign tourists may pay more but I don’t have to queue thank you very much. there’s two counters one for the local Indians and they only pay rupees, and one for foreign tourists but I pay so I think I pay for the privilege of not having to queue, I could queue for rupees.

Anyway lets wander over and see the, let’s see if I can pronounce this correctly, let’s go this way. The Kutub Minar let’s go and have a look at it and see what it’s like Are you here on holiday? Are you enjoying Delhi? I hope you’ve enjoyed our day in Delhi, and I hope you’re enjoying our trip to India remember to give us a thumbs up if you like it and if you want to see more of these posts of my travels around India and around the world remember to comment hit the button below and you’ll be able to catch up with me three times a week at about Monday Wednesday Friday when I upload my posts of my travels. Also if you’ve got comments and suggestions about where to go what to see or just questions you’ve got about my travels put them in the comments below I’ll get back to you as soon as I’ve got internet that allows me to so that’s it for now I’m going to find my tuk-tuk to find some supper and see what Delhi holds for me tonight.

So thanks for joining me hope you’re having as much fun doing this as I am. closing, thank you and it’s closing time so I gotta go otherwise I’m gonna be locked in for the night and eaten by mosquitos which I really don’t want so catch you later.

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