I don’t have vocal chords anymore, you guys. Did I say vocal core? I don’t know, let’s replay that. I don’t have vocal chords anymore, you guys. Okay, so I did say vocal chords. My vocal chords are a little shot right now, which is actually, I’m kind of proud of it, to be honest. (clears throat) Your boy was out ’til seven! Okay, I was drinking a little bit, but like, whatever. I just turned.


Damn it! The one coffee shop I wanted to go to this morning, closed! Alright, well, time to go to the next stop. Yeah, right. (clears throat) Too close, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Didn’t sign up for that this morning. Jo and I have been raving about Montreal for years. I think this is my fifth time coming to Montreal. Here are the reasons why. Number one, everyone speaks perfect French and English. In fact, when you walk into a store, they’ll ask you, “Hi, bonjour. “Salut, bonjour.” Okay, what do they ask you again? Number two, because there’s a French influence way back in the day, it feels like a European city in North America. Number three, it’s a college town. There are so many universities here. Some that speak only French, some that speak English, and I think some that speak both. Clearly I’m an expert. Number four, I have not. Number four, I have not been to a more beautiful city than Montreal in the fall.

I mean, look. Just ignore that. Ew, and that. And this. Okay, technically it’s not fall yet, but really, Mount Royal, the big ass mountain here, gorgeous! Number whatever this one is. It’s a big city but it also feels like a medium, small city. You can get around everywhere with your bike, which, I think I’m in, are these for bikes? The next number, these little alleyways are filled with street art. I mean, look at this. Because it’s a young city with lots of students, there are a lot of coffee shops. That is actually a good thing for Jo and I, because we’re always editing s. We put up three s a week. We got a lot to do, which is where I’m trying to go right now. Please leave a comment below, what are your favorite things about Montreal? Again, Jo and I could go on and on and on and on and on. Hello. And on and on and on. Montreal feels very much like Berlin, where there have been people walking in this door, and I don’t know what’s behind this door, and I’m not about to go find out. Alright, onto the next coffee shop. Okay, I gotta really stop doing that. Okay, I’m feeling good. I just put the up. You know, three s a week, that’s hard to do. Here in Montreal, I have about two friends, so we’re gonna go see what one of them are doing. Hope that sounded good. Why are you watching this , acting like you don’t replay your voice notes? You know you listen to it too. Or do you? You do.

So, I missed my stop on the bus, and I’m now I’m minutes away. See, this is what happens when I don’t take my Maserati. Alright, time to turn on the camera personalities. (mumbling) is trying to argue about Vancouver. You know, I brought these blue chips as a social experiment to see how you guys would respond, and you guys are failing. Why? Because nobody is eating the food I brought, which is healthy, nutritious food. You liked the sriracha hummus. Oh, and now, now he starts trying it. Well, if you’re looking at it, then it won’t get stolen, right? Wait, is it really gonna get stolen?

Hold on, everybody! Ruining the game right now. Okay! Whoa, disaster. Montreal and I are over. My time here is coming to an end, because I’m leaving for Iceland. I still can’t believe I’m getting on a flight to Iceland. It was only, okay, maybe it was $, but Jo’s flight was only to Iceland, everybody. You may be at home thinking, like, “Oh, I wish I had the money to go do what they’re doing.” I was staying in a hostel here, an eight bed hostel. It was a night. times five nights, that comes out to. And I was in AP Calculus. Xavier is a friend that I met in New York ’cause he was traveling in New York. The more you travel, the more people you meet, the more connections you have around the world, and the more those people can hook you up in their cities. Thank you for watching this . Thank you for watching all of our s. We’ll have many more s in Iceland, Paris, Morocco, and in London, and then back in Los Angeles, so please subscribe, leave a comment below. What do you love about Montreal? I’ll leave about comments down below. And that’s it, see you later. Wow, Montreal. What a beautiful city. And what a beautiful poop turd that just landed on my arm!

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