One, two, three Rio de Janeiro. Hey everybody! Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful Rio de Janeiro is still Did you forgot the lyrics? I don’t know this song Boy, you lying Hey guys Hello, It’s Damon Jo Damon and Jo I’m an americanized brazilian and I’m an americanized brazilian What? Im an “brazilianized” american and today Actually, nevermind. I’m just an american I was born in Rio but grew up in the US and he had nothing to do with Brazil until I started teaching him Portuguese with my rusty Portuguese But I’m enjoying brazilian culture so much Everyone knows about it in the comments the brazilian viewers know that i like Açaí Look at him That i like rice and beans You are speaking portuguese Even though. That i like portuguese Even though you speak with my little Carioca’s accent This must be very weird to them “Estranho” (weird strange) Carioca! What are we doing today? Today we are going to test if you know Cariocas slangs and expressions Of course, I know a couple expressions like “Gato”, “Gata” The most important words There’s always “Gatos” and “Gatas” in Rio de Janeiro “Gatinho” please. Just so you all know, I left Brazil when I was years old so, these slangs are slangs I’ve learned in the past. Meaning they must be a little old But there’s a couple new ones Are you going to teach me old portuguese?


Like, the one my grandmother taught me. Maybe. You guys. Leave a comment down below with the most up-to-date slangs from Rio. And from other states Because I only have her to teach me portuguese so, when I make mistakes is her fault. And I only have my little grandmother Just kidding, we have you guys Are you ready? Yes Is going to be like a carioca slang challenge. Damon vs Damon challenge! Damon vs Damon! Damon “conto” Conto Shut it, Jo. First carioca slang: Parada Parada A stop No Parada means a bus stop It is a bus stop. But there’s another meaning to the same word like. you’ll have to guess Ok, give me a sentence Ok, in a sentence, like. No way! If I tell you a sentence you’ll know Let’s go to the “parada” tonight “Balada”, “parada” Let’s stop at the beach tonight You get half a point, yes Let’s go to that “parada” It’s like, to that thing A bar? To that event To that “parada” Then we’ll go home It can be a club Let’s go to that “parada” Correctly, you were right Damon! You get half a point It can also be like I’m going to solve that “parada” I got to see that “parada” If any “parada” happens, let me know. Send me this “parada” The word can be applied to almost everything What are you trying to tell me right now? I’m trying to tell you that you can use “parada” to any sense. So. Here’s the “parada” I got to stop at the Açai shop No, here’s the “parada”, I want to eat Açai right now. Is this a “parada”? It’s a thing every carioca says Next! I need a new teacher You guys Sinistro Sinistro? It’s someone who’s. Sinistro It’s someone who’s sinic No Is it an adjective? Like, yes. Like, no. Yes, It is. Is it? Ok. Someone who’s “sinistrio” Sinistro Is a religious person. “sinistrio” Is someone who’s Sinistro Someone “sinistro” is someone who’s into astrological signs No Last night was “sinistro” It was so good It was great that It was “sinistra” It was like, wow, killed It It was crazy crazy It was really cool really cool Damon vs Damon Damon is losing This one you’ll know Is my like. boobie is out? Puxa saco You are one “Um saco” I know that one You are “um saco” as well Puxa saco There’s another expression like this, like Maybe is “um saco”, you are “um saco” you are “um saco” “Saco” means a annoying person A “puxa saco” is a person who. Pull your “saco” (balls) Likes to be annoying Doing. “chateado” (upset) Pulling your balls Literally pulling me?

No, like, you’re there, wanting to know about something Oh, please! Tell me! I’m a “puxa saco” for example, he only took a good grade he only took a good he only took a good He only took a good grade because he’s a “puxa saco” Kiss ass Like. brown noser Someone who always wants to be the know-it-all. Got to be like, I know this! I know that! Monica, from FRIENDS Yes! Wait a second, I don’t know if i got that right Is “puxa” someone who’s pull the “saco”? Is it a verb? You got to give me the nomenclature, if is it a verb, adjective, pronoun, noun Is a noun, a person who’s very annoying So, someone You are No I’m not No, what I mean is, in general I always took good grades but I wasn’t Puxa saco. Maybe “chato” (boring) but not “puxa saco” I’m “chato”! Puxa saco! Next! It can be a verb as well: Stop pulling my balls It doesn’t matter what if you pull it. It’s not going to work Maneiro “Maneiro” is like. Do you really don’t know this one? “Maneiro” is a person? Actually “Mano” is a person Ah! “Mano do céu” (Dude!) No What does that means? “Mano do céu” is like Oh my God! But that’s a recent one I’m not going to guess it because I don’t really know Yes, you only know old slangs Only grandma’s slangs Manoel Manoel is a name Of a man who’s name is Manoel “Maneiro” “Maneiro” is the person in a “boate” I mean on the boat, like a sailor “Marinheiro” Next “Maneiro” means like, really cool “Maneiro” dude!

I’m carioca I didn’t know that word Jo Really? I’m still teaching you? What a great moment “Maneiro”, for example Adjective that means something interesting, cool, beautiful Like, Jo you’re “maneira” I know right? Next! “Pô” Poor? That’s us “Pô” is the “Por” verb Yes, but no. This verb is so funny by the way everybody “Põe” It’s like. “Pô” “Porra” I taught you that. Good! “Não tem porra nenhuma aqui!” (There’s no fucking deal here!) This is also really carioca-like This way to say this in any sense But I can’t say that in like, a interview If you’re from Rio, yes you can “Porra mano!” (Fuck, dude!) “Caraca!” (Damn!) “Pô” No, this is like “Poxa” “Poxa!” I like that one “Poxa” You are learning! “Tá ligado” What? “Tá ligado” It’s great Tá ligado? You say these things sometimes and I stand there by your side like. You are making excuses Tá ligado? Tá ligado. It’s Ok, all right Perfect Tá ligado Tá ligado For example, I’m at the Açaí shop I ask like, give me a bowl of Açaí. “Tá ligado?” (You got it on?) I wouldn’t say that But why not? When should I say it then? I said to her that it wasn’t my fault, “tá ligado?” (got it?) like, do you understand? Am I being clear? Oh, ok Are you paying attention to what I’m saying? Like, when you teach me something, “não tá ligado” (I don’t understand) Like, didn’t work. It did not I called you and you did not answer There’s just a bit more There’s dirty pics I’ve learned a lot this time Truly? I truly don’t remember any of which I learned today What’s up “Malucos”? You at home, leave other slangs in the comments So we can make a Part, maybe. If you respond well, we make a Part But first I think I need lessons about the brazilian slangs because then I can learn and well explain to this creature over here She says that every portuguese Because I want you all to think I’m an expert And who’s taking portuguese classes? Not me It’s not you Are you taking or not? I don’t now That’s all you guys! Until next time! Subscribe you guys! We are trying to get to million subscribers! Someday We hope so A day when the times are better another one For God sake! I hope so! Next Bye Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful! Exposure needs to be set up It’s good Yeah, It’s good.

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