So Dear Jo. Honey, you’re years old Don’t be ashamed! Like, years old There is no sexier age than years Yes, you got some white hair Yes, you still have to shave your legs Yes, you got some dark circles under your eyes because you never sleep! But you have years old of experience And you have to be proud of that! It’s time to contemplate your life These years All the experiences All the mistakes All the regrets No You don’t have any regrets! Ok. Maybe that ex But let’s forget about him Ok, here we go First lesson OLDER JO Somewhere in the middle of Connecticut USA Girl, don’t drink cow milk It’s not going to work Your stomach is not going to like you You’re not going to like your stomach No one needs this!


Because no one will want to smell you It’s not a gross thing Moving on Lesson You know how you like to tell stories You like to remember things in life Don’t stop It’s good that you keep writing in your little notebooks. Because someday you’ll get really sad, really happy and really excited just from reading your own stories. And memories from your own life And you’ll always have a story to tell Lesson Let’s talk about love Important topic in your life You know what you already know And when you already know, you stop it When you don’t know yet, you know you don’t know It’s complicated but you’ll know what to do For example, you’ll have several relationships that will last several years. years, years, years Oh my god And maybe you won’t know when to stop But really, you know it And if you get that little feeling inside you Stop it. Because you know what you already know.

You know? This next one you’re really going to try to change but you’ll not succeed It’s fine You’ll never going to like to wake up early Never, never, never You’ll turn into a monster and will have to wake up early Advices Coffee, chocolate and some music to take a step faster Next lesson Lesson Joaninha, I know you love the family concept But you also love to travel You left Brazil when you were years old Of course you grew up away from your family But this never got easier and will never get easier You’ll miss seeing your father, your grandmother Going to your aunt’s house on a Sunday and having some coffee This is normal It’s going to be a big part of you You’ll never stop missing your family But the good thing is You’re really going to appreciate the time you spent together Because it’s not everyday Ok, I know that you think it’s very important to have straight hair But it isn’t. And it’s not good for you. And it will all get very fried, so stop straightening your hair girl You hair is beautiful, wonderful and perfect It smells good, it’s big Curly Just because society thinks that women with straight hair are prettier.

This is not true, curly hair is also beautiful You’re going to stop But maybe don’t wait until your mother in France argue with you because you burned out the light After using your international hair dryer? And yes, whenever you wear shorts there’s going to be a situation about your thighs Because they’re thick And that’s ok Just because the little girls in Connecticut Have those thin little thighs Doesn’t mean you that you also have to have thin thighs Your body is different and everything it’s going to be fine One day everyone is going to even write rap songs about your thighs! So be happy girl. And to “wrap” things up Exactly And to wrap things up You’ll always have this terrible accent speaking portuguese Because you’ll never be brazilian You’ll never be american You’ll never be anything Keep in mind that this is a great thing. You can be part of any culture And even if you read those comments that say that you no longer speaks portuguese That you have a terrible accent These people will never know about your ridiculously good english level Because you grew up speaking english, not portuguese But it’s okay, because you’ll never be considered American And also, of course Brazilians don’t think you’re brazilian This is a big part of you In a nutshell, everything is going to be fine Don’t worry Yes, sometimes it’s going to be difficult Yes, sometimes no one is going to understand you But everything will be alright Have confidence in that A big kiss I adore you A lot Jo. I tried in this , I don’t know if it worked Do you understand? Do you know what I mean? Do you know?.

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