So Dear Damon. Damon In english, “Damon” In october of you’re years old Yes, years old Sometimes people like to hide their age but. I don’t understand why A year older a year, one more year of travel, friends. Ok, friends not really And if it’s not like that maybe you are doing something wrong, right? Your age is something that you should be admired by You got more experience, so why are we all hiding our age? I’m years old! Well, starting over Here I am, years old I think you did everything kind of right You’re here, you’re doing YouTube And you don’t live with any regrets How does it say? Arrependimento (regrets) So maybe it’s a sign that you are doing everything just right Well, here’s what I learned a couple lessons Alright, first “lesson” Lição Learn portuguese sooner You’ll kind of have a career in Brazil You’ll get an audience of portuguese speakers You’ll get a brazilian audience Get ready for it Come to Brazil! you stressed out for nothing Damon, listen to me When you were a student you were always stressed For what?


To get in a university which you’ll not like? The clubs which you were president Which didn’t even matter after that year You was so worried about getting the best grades You were right It doesn’t matter if you got an A in th grade Or if you got a B Because no one is going to ask about it What people is going to ask is about your experiences The stories that make you different from everybody else. stop cooking Damon, stop cooking. You already know you’re not really talented in the kitchen. But you keep trying And you should stop Because it’s never going to work You’re never going to learn You’ll aways set the wrong temperature on the oven Stop it It’s better just to order food delivered at home the goals You know everyone has fitness goals Goals of having a better body But sometimes they’re not serious Isn’t it bad to always have goals but never achieving them? Yes, it’s bad Alright then, if you want to get muscular you got to stop doing cardio Damon You’ll have to eat more fake meat And you’ll have to do weight training everyday Because you’re not brazilian And you’re from Indiana Where everyone only eats McDonald’s the family The family topic Sometimes we’ll have.

Other centers of interest other than your family I think it’s very interesting that in our society we value our family blood a lot more than The people we spend our days with For example, we’ll spend more days with our friends But we’ll always say that we are closer to our family Sometimes that’s just not true It’s true that our family is going to play a special part in our lives But that doesn’t mean that will be the closest. the love The love topic A topic on which we have a lot of stories That we never tell You will have a six-year long-distance relationship And I know it’s really hard when your heart says something And your mind says another Which one should you listen to? In your case you should’ve listened to Your mind It’s not like that You lived a. You had a really good relationship But today you are no longer together A six-year long relationship Wich was a long-distance relationship Maybe it should be no longer a relationship When you don’t want the same thing I get it, I get it It’s really hard to listen to your heart and listen to your mind I know, I know you already know what it is Do you remember when you were living in New York but you didn’t want to live there? This doesn’t make much sense, right? We already know what it is Like, you know what you want to do Why are you not doing it? It’s really simple If you don’t like your job, change jobs. Just like you did when you were a waiter for days In Johnny Rockets days was enough to know that you’d never do that job again but well. Everything happened as it should’ve Even without theses lessons that you learned Everything went well, you did a good job Damon That’s all, kisses everybody And kisses to young Damon? Or is it weird? I don’t know Ok, bye bye! Good.

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