Today I woke up with a really ugly honk You wanna know why? because I’m spending the entire month here, in New York City But then I started to think what would a trip to New York be, without sharing it with you? But not just with photos and s, blah blah blah But rather, with essential vocabulary to survive a summer in New York City Let’s start? Like you guys can hear It’s in the morning You don’t have shame in your face (brazilian expression) you’re a shameless person as we can see There’s something so sexy about New York and I love this city but I also hate it Why?


Because there’s nothing like a summer here hot sticky sticky (again) sweaty like in New York You know that thing when your butt is so sweaty? We have an expression for that next expression I’m sweating so much that there are tiny drips of sweat falling from my forehead this is the reality of a summer in New York City There’s this meal that’s called brunch Breakfast and lunch turns into brunch But it’s really special in New York It’s the only morning where you can drink and no one is going to judge you I hope so because it’s REALLY expensive here Next expression I don’t have any more money, I need to go back to my house A bodega is that tiny store where you can buy everything Condoms, coffee, sandwiches, fries They’re usually named “Deli Grocery” But in the street, they’re called Bodegas Or “Bodega” (in a Spanish accent) What else?

Why does everyone drink so much coffee here? because you’re always walking And so you’re going to need to Otherwise your You have to take care of your little feet We don’t really use cars much here Unless you have money Which I don’t know if you have that I don’t have that People, let’s talk about the metro, ok? My rule is, if you spend more than three days in the city buy an unlimited metro card for the week It only costs Now because they always raise the price The most important thing you need to know is Express trains go fast, they skip over stops But there are local trains that go really slow I need a small pause to breathe That’s really important here That one I made up This is the perfect city to meet cuties, hotties, babes, etc. everyone’s here There are million people here so you’ll meet at least one That’s it ya’ll Until next time. Thanks for watching this Please leave a comment below if you guys think there are other expressions that I didn’t explain That I can explain teach you Because I’m not an expert in Portuguese But I’m an expert in English In, with? People, exactly. Don’t forget to subs. And don’t forget to subscribe It’s time to. wipe my sweat off People, I can’t speak today And that’s. I don’t even know if you can hear me, because there’s so much noise outside.

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