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My First Clue That Something Was Terribly Wrong Was When I Got To Where The Forest Should Have Been And I Could Find No Signs Or Trail Markers. I Stopped At The Combination Hunting Goods/Convenience Store A Few Blocks Away To Ask About The Trail. They Sold Boots And Ammunition, Fluorescent- Orange Wool Hats, Fishing Lures, Coffee, And Candy Bars; Surely They Would Know Where The Trail Was. But The Clerk Had No Idea What I Was Talking About. He Called Over The Other Clerk, Who Likewise Had Never Heard Of The Trail.

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I Called The Forest Service Office, But The Receptionist Had No Information About The Trail, Either. She Gave Me Directions To The Ranger Station A Few Miles Away, So I Drove Over There. At The Station, A Helpful Ranger Told Me There “Used To Be” A Trail, But It Had Been Closed Since Before She Started Working There.

She Gave Me A Photocopy Of A Map From 1964, Which Showed A Parking Area And A Trail Winding Through A “Scenic Area.” This Looked Hopeful, And I Was Relieved. I Imagined Finding Remnants Of The Old Trail And Enjoying A Walk Through The Forest After All. She Even Dug Out A Few Other Documents For Me From The Old File. With Map And Directions In Hand, I Headed Out The Door And Back To The Forest.

But I Still Wasn’T Sure I Was In The Right Place And Had To Call The Office For Confirmation. Finally, Sure Of My Destination, I Changed Into My Boots And Headed Across The Road. The Straight, Unmarked Path I Was Walking Was Cleared For A Natural Gas Pipeline, But It Was Supposed To Lead Me To The Old Growth And The Scenic Area.

Soon I Saw The Tall, Healthy Pines. The Loblolly Pines Had Their Characteristic Rectangular-Plated Bark And Long Cones, And The Shortleaf Pines Had Thinner Bark And Shorter Cones. But What Had Been Done Here? The Pine Trunks Were Rising Out Of A Field Of Slash. Everywhere There Were Stumps From Small Trees And Not-So-Small Trees. The Forest Floor Looked As Though It Had Been Chewed Up And Spit Out, And The Deep Ruts Told Me There Had Been Some Very Heavy Machinery In This Forest Very Recently.

Those Who Judge A Forest Only By Its Oldest Trees Might Still Be Tempted To Call This An Old-Growth Forest, But Nothing At All Felt Like Old Growth To Me, And There Was Certainly Nothing Scenic About It. I Could See Now Why They Took Down The Signs. The Old Trail Was Nowhere To Be Found, And I Wandered Through The Pathless Debris Without A Smile.

I Can Bet You It Was Someone With A Forestry Degree Who Ordered This Done To The Bienville Pines Scenic Area. I’Ll Bet That He Or She, Like A Good Forest Service Employee, Had Read The Management Plan, Where One Sentence In Particular Stood Out: “The Bienville Pines Was Established For The Purpose Of Protecting And Preserving The Old-Growth Pines, And Management Practices Will Be Directed To That End.”

At First Glance This Sounds Good, But That Critical Sentence Could Be Interpreted To Give The Nod To “Management,” And Foresters Are Trained To Manage. The Sentence Could Also Be Interpreted To Mean That The Area Should Be Left Alone To Age Gracefully, But The Evidence Was Painfully Clear As To Which Way It Was Interpreted. The Ruts And Slash Under My Boots Said It All.

Perhaps Our Imaginary Forester Has Never Seen An Upland Old-Growth Forest (Where Would He See One In Mississippi?), But He Has Studied His Textblogs And Has Read The Management Plan. Keeping His Management Mission In Mind The Pines! He Reads This Section:

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