Then Jo has to go and ruin it Hey guys It was going so well, and now, nope It’s just me The return to Los Angeles We’re showing you this apartment because because, well, we don’t live here It’s an AirBNB So you can come and go as you like, nooo. Wait, did you. Who, what? No. Before, there was a code. Is this ours? Are we at the right.? Yeah it’s here. But the doorknob is different now? They stole everything Is it really here or no? Where are we? We’re at Oh. My. God. We’re not even in the correct apartment building. Lame-os So yeah, no one is “back” in LA cuz this isn’t even our place Let’s go to the correct building? Maybe if we can find it There it is Welcome Beautiful Every time I come home, I like to sit in front of the piano. Voilà. You know that one? Yeah it’s called “Damon is a dumbass” The song for dumbies, yep. emails. How many do you have? I can’t even look. Well you should actually have also cuz we have the same emails. I have. Swear Literally? Literally. That means that neither of us are responding to emails. Our last already has, views.!! It’s been a week! No, it’s been ONE day! We published it yesterday.


Number on Trending. Ok, skip. Skipping ads on our own channel. Like, that’s how we make our money. What do we do in Los Angeles when we’re here? We do shoots We go to the gym a lot We do a lot of emails Typical daily life stuff. That’s why we like to go travel. And what the hell is up with my accent mumbling No, but this is adorable. There are four emails in a row that say this. Hi from South Africa! Next email I’m writing to tell you I love your s. And that’s not it. There’s one more. I feel something special when I watch your s. When we read your emails, we always have to have tissues next to us. Cuz every time we read an email, we cry. Are you serious? Look at the book I just happened to glance at. Does it say Paris? What-ever.

In Los Angeles, we eat super healthy. So, what are we gonna make? I found PQ for you. What is it? That’s not PQ! Why not? You have a rose-petaled butt? That’s me. No but for real, this is what we eat. Kale, tofu, quinoa. Maybe you’re asking why we’re in an AirBNB when we live in Los Angeles? Jo.? It’s because we subletted our apartments So, building manager. No, no, no, those are just some friends! Right? It’s the jetlag. I said I was going to the bathroom then I fell asleep on the floor. We’re back in LA, but only for two days. We’re doing a shoot. Voilà. We wanted to show you what it’s like for us on shoots. We wait, we wait, and we wait. We wait, we wait, and we wait.with our luggage. The next few months, we’re traveling like crazies. More than we ever have before. If you’re new here, subscribe please. There’ll be more s in French, Portuguese, and English. Thanks for watching this Bisous Starvation.

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