3 Best Highway Drives in Colorado

The best highway drives in Colorado. The Mount Evans Scenic Byway beginning in Idaho Springs and traveling miles with elevation gains of, feet to a total elevation of, feet almost to the top of Mount Evans making it the highest paved road in North America. For a good part of the way the road has steep drop-offs and no guardrails on the side.

3 Best Highway Drives in Colorado Photo Gallery

Independence pass going over the Continental Divide in between Aspen and the twin lakes it is the highest paved pass in Colorado. there are beautiful views on the way up and at the very top there’s a nice lookout area, Again there are sections of this road that have steep drop-offs and no guardrails and at random times it just turns to a one-way Road also alongside the pass there is a ghost town a swimming hole many trail heads and place to climb starting an Ouray and ending in Durango the million dollar highway has million-dollar views. this amazing road going through the San Juans has some of the best views you’ll ever see off to the side of the road there are many ghost towns and waterfalls to look at what are your favorite drives let me know in the comments below be sure to check out my other posts the most beautiful waterfalls the most interesting places the best swimming areas the best ghost towns the San Juans and more also be sure to comment for more upcoming posts like the best caves events hot springs and more follow the adventure live on snapchat username ryks.

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