What up, College graduate, and dropout. Wow! Way to just blow up my. I dropped out of college, no regrets. I graduated college, might regret it. And this time we’re here to give you our best tips on how to win at college. Win at college, we’re about to do this thing. Number one! Well, in college, you’ll probably want a job, because college is expensive. I scammed the system, I knew all the jobs to get all the perks. She’s Joanna the scammer. I’m literally “Joanna the scammer”. I was an orientation leader so I could live in the city for free in the summertime. I was a desk attendant, so I would sign guests in, also to get free housing, I was an RA, and that shed a bajillion dollars off of my college tuition. And it wasn’t even that hard it was fun. I love my residents, aw, you guys, I miss you.


Number two, I was the king of this, condensing your schedule. Most people will be like, spread your schedule out, you don’t want to be doing, “You don’t wanna overwork yourself”, Negative. Negative. Overwork yourself for two days, that way, you have a long weekend so you can travel, or work, or like, party, party, party. Number three, I’m gonna be real with you guys, I’m hungry, and this is sponsored by GrubHub. This is a tip for you to survive in college because, one, you ain’t gonna find yourself in those communal kitchens. People don’t clean up after themselves, or you don’t have pots and pans. Or, you might not know how to cook, me. The world cuisine is at my finger tips. Gimme, okay. Do you vegetarian orange soy chicken? Not really. Vegetarian soy chicken pad see ew? No, no. I know you like pad see ew, but I find it [Voiceover] minutes later. Will you please order? Another tip in college, you’re gonna be stingy and you’re gonna need all the discount codes you can possibly get. We have a code down in the description box below for seven dollars off your first order. Go use that, baby. Okay, number four, use that dot e-d-u to get you all the discounts.

Every single time you go to a store, ask “hey, I’m a student, do I get a discount?” Your professor’s personality is going to come down to your grade. And it’s like, maybe I don’t wanna visit this professor because I don’t like the professor. I don’t wanna go to their office hours ’cause I don’t like them as a person. And for the first time in your life, you have a say of who you’re taking. You better go to the professor you want and be like, “I’d love to be in your class, sir, like I really would.” This is your time to be an adult, which means ask for what you want, and you will get it. Speaking of asking for what you want, if your financial aid package is not what you want, go to the office of financial aid and ask for more. You can literally appeal your financial aid package, which means they’ll review it, see your circumstance, and pull money out of nowhere. Somehow, your financial aid package is larger than what you expected. Another tip, once your financial aid is dispersed, your loans and your scholarships will be applied to your tuition payments. And a lot of times, what you do not know, is that you can go and get a refund. And you’re like, “whatchu mean, they’re gonna do a refund?” You will literally be paying more than you need to in loans, and so the excess can be given to you in cash money. You know that Drake song, “imma take naps”? I don’t She doesn’t. She doesn’t know pop culture, you guys. “Go back to college, Jo”. If you’re gonna take a nap, ninety minutes is how long a REM cycle lasts. And that’s why sometimes when you wake up from a nap you’re like “ugh I’m so grogged”. ‘Cause you woke up in the middle of a REM cycle. You party hard, you study hard, you work hard, and you’re gonna need to nap hard, for minutes! We’re a little biased on this, because we went to college in the middle of Manhattan, college is a bubble, and so what’s important is for you to realize is that bubble will one day pop. And you need to prepare for the poppage of the bubble by creating a life outside of college. All that time you’re spending for your college clubs, it may be good for socialization, and like making friends and all that, but really what’s gonna matter is everything you’re doing to advance your life and career outside after college.

So, you don’t wanna be that guy that the highlight of your life was college. Excuse me, just some college friend. Use this line if you wanna make friends: “Hey, can I buy you a cup of coffee?” I swear, we still do that today. Til this day! S’Where half our inbox is like, “can we take you out to coffee?” Can I take you for a cup of coffee? No one’s ever said no. Or like, tea? Nature sounds for me is what I would use to like, play in the background, it’d be like, jungles and storms when I was trying to study. Also, trying to sleep, because you’re gonna have roommates if you’re dorming, and a lot of times your roommate isn’t gonna wanna go to sleep when you go to sleep. So, headphones are key. So there’s probably international students at your college and they are probably lonely. Like, more lonely than you as an American are. You speak the language, you know the culture. Imagine somebody from a different country coming to your university in the middle of your state. Not knowing anybody, not knowing the language, they’re gonna want friends, and most times, the international culture office, they’re gonna have like a buddy exchange program where you can befriend an international student. You’re obviously gonna have to write research papers, thousands of like essays, use scholars dot google dot com instead of google dot com. Right, visit the I.T. department and find out every single piece of software that you can get for free, because you’re actually paying for it in your tuition. Also, if your computer has a virus, like, go to that I.T. department because there will be smart students like yourselves, and they will probably do it for free. Let’s talk about study abroad. Like, get the hair up. You need to study abroad.

This is your moment. Let’s just put it this way. I didn’t even know I wanted to drop out of college until I saw how little everyone was paying for college, and how much more educated they were. You just get a new perspective. Our YouTube channel was created when we studied abroad, everybody. And maybe you might even meet your next lover. That happened, too. We fell in love! Yeah. Let’s talk textbooks for a second. You are totally gonna need to buy these hundred dollar textbooks, for one semester of your life, to barely use it. So now, here are a few tips, one. Ask if you’ll actually need that textbook. Right. If the professor says yes, you wanna be like, “really?” If you really do need it, what I used to do was split it with a friend who had the same class, because then we would split the payment, we would alternate who has the textbook. And again, if you have your schedule set on like, one or two days, then that’ll open up the rest of the week for your friend to take a class, same class with the same textbook. Right, try to find a digital copy, because those are usually cheaper. And another tip is sell them back, because you will never open those books, probably even while you need them. College roommates are a reality, everybody. And you might get along with them, you might not. The key to surviving with your roommate is to write out both of your schedules, on a white board or somewhere where you both can see when the other one’s not gonna be there. Let me just tell you, Damon was such a part of my particular dorm, he became a third roommate to the point where it was like, my roommate’s schedule, my schedule, and there was literally a square for Damon’s schedule. My schedule was on it. You’re gonna need your alone time, and you’re not gonna wanna text your roommate because they’re gonna be like, “Oh? You’re coming home to do what?” Six months after you graduate, you will have a monthly loan payment, So please take advantage of all the time you have in college now with friends. Have so much fun. Speaking of that. What, your loans? I wanna tell you about that, too, like that’s another , like how to defer, sounds responsible. I did that one, too. Your GrubHub is here. Hold on one sec, let me finish the . Clearly, we have plenty of things to say. Comment below, are you in college right now? Were these tips helpful? Do you have any other tips on how to win at college? Know your options here. I’m someone who’s successful without a degree. She’s someone who’s successful with a degree. My favorite thing about college, honestly, we can’t say it enough. Study abroad was literally what changed my life. What was the second favorite thing? Why, ’cause you don’t like that answer? I like when you talk about me. Someone might be able to teach us how to turn the light on. Let’s turn the light on, it’s getting a little dark out. Ooh, it’s getting a little ugly out. It’s hot! Oh my god, it’s so hot. Fresh off the oven. Just like in Bangkok, but in Los Angeles. Yup, done. Tell the guys season it right now.

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