What’s up everybody? Happy Damon and Jo’s Domingão! Or Jo’s Domingão Because Damon is not here with me Today’s is very simple I would like to help you with the most difficult words in this English American language Which we speak here in the US English is easy But the pronunciation is not easy I’ll help you with the most difficult words Because I know how to speak english way better than I know portuguese Let’s do it everybody The first word is “laugh” Laughter “Laugh” has a “gh” at the end but its pronounced as a “f” It makes no sense, but that’s how it is sometimes It isn’t “lau-gh” It’s “laugh” I laugh, you laugh We all laugh!


Next word I love this word When someone is annoying you “Enough” That’s it, quit this, enough The same thing as “laugh” Not “cown-three” Not “com-three” Country Or country music But don’t say “Cunt.” Because that’s a terrible bad word Third word which I love to say “Beach” is “praia” everybody But “bitch” on the other hand it’s “puta” Say it very clearly Alright? Cool It’s all about the “th” It looks like you are trying to pronounce “D” but it didn’t work Your tongue gets twisted and suddenly you say “th” You place your tongue between your teeth Like this And blow a little bit Is not a beautiful sound But english is not pretty “Através” If is difficult for you to say it with your tongue between your teeth You can place it behind your teeth And blow a little bit again Did it work? Next word “Altough” is “apesar” You blow a little bit on your teeth And also you don’t say “altou-gh” Altough has a “gh” with no sound This language is so weird oh my god I know everybody, I get you.

I remember the struggle It wasn’t easy This next word you may never use it, but in case you see this word. Why there’s a “R” in the pronunciation? I don’t know And also, a “milhozinho” is a “kernal of corn” But it’s not written the same way It’s written the way you pronounce it Let’s talk about the “r” everybody Pretend that you have a ball inside your mouth And you are giving the ball a little hug with your tongue Not as exaggerated as It’s not like this And the “world” word Your tongue is dancing so bad inside your mouth with “world” It looks like you are speaking to a whale And then you put your tongue up in your mouth Did it work? One of my favourite meals I know that you pronounce as “quino-a” But is “quinoa” “Quinoa” very easy What about “tesoura” everybody?

Let’s cut all the negativity out of our lives with It looks like there’s a “Z” in the middle of the word But there’s no “Z” It’s not scis-sors It’s not “Schi-sors” It’s not “Schee-sors” It’s not “moon-tain” It’s not “moun-teen” Mountain “montanha” This is also difficult for us trying to speak portuguese “Montanha” Have you ever heard this in another language? “anha” This? And “listen” Listen “escuta” But it’s not “list-en” It’s “listen” That’s all everybody! That’s the end of the Comment down below if you have other english difficulties for brazilian people And the next english lesson, what will it be? This language is terrible! Who likes this language? This made me go back to the first time I learned english What a sad moment everybody I was years old They threw me in a american students class Nobody speaking portuguese, spanish or anything Not even a little chinese English only And there I was in the middle of the class Needing to go pee Nobody understood me And I was there with tears in my eyes Needing to go pee Nobody cares And the teacher looked at me and the only thing I understood was she saying “Pencil in the case” I was trying to organize everything to get out of that class And boom. What happened? I peed in my pants And that’s how I learned english everybody Peeing my pants.

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