Hold on one second while I fix my face. Here I am in Montreal, Canada, completely alone. Yeah, gets kinda lonely. But you know, what is the opposite of alone? Going away with a group of friends. Salud! Now let’s take a step back. Most of you seem to believe that Damon and I don’t even have other friends. Yeah, we have other friends. And every once in awhile, we just like to take trips with those friends. Odds are, you’ve probably tried, and probably been that person convincing all your friends to go. Last minute nobody shows up. If you have friends like that, comment below and tell me because you need to get some new friends. It happens, though, of people say that they want to travel and they don’t actually do it. Hello, welcome to shut up and go with Damon and Jo. I went to Miami with my girls. We went to college together. Post-college, things change. Despite living in four different cities in the states, we made it a point to meet up at least once a year for a group trip. Now here’s the problem. Who’s gonna make the decision, who’s gonna pay everybody, it’s just complicated. So here’s some tips on how to survive group travel. First things first, location, location, location. Who’s picking the location and how are y’all gonna agree? Maybe you do what I suggested at the very end of our trip and you put location options in a bag.


Pull a location and that’s the decision. Or you can do it like us, and let one person decide, nobody really researches anything, you show up and you realize, wow this is not what I expected. Ya always gotta disregard the schmutz on the floor. The most crowded beach you’ll ever see in your life. When we showed up to the Florida Keys, it was home to wildlife. Within minutes, we were almost attacked by raccoons. Yo, this raccoon is ready to pounce. Uh oh. There was a dinosaur-esque bird. What kind of bird is that? And when I saw the reptile straight out of a Jurassic Park movie coming towards me, I was like I don’t know about all this Florida Keys business. Is this real right now, is he coming towards me? What is this, Florida? But then we ended up going to Miami South Beach, and all was mended. South Beach, first impressions? South Beach, it’s pristine. The Keys are overrated. Tip number two is make sure you’re going with people who are flexible, because when you’re in a group, things will change. You gotta be down for the cause. Next tip, if you’re traveling in a group, you’re probably gonna save a lot of money if you rent an Airbnb, why? Because if you rent four beds in a dorm it’s probably gonna equal the same as a private apartment. And then, make sure you don’t break things like we did. Checking out of our Airbnb, freaking broke the bed! Oops. When making decisions, communication is key. Don’t do what we did and have an argument. And this is coming from four extremely communicative women. Guys, there’s a lot of talking, I think we should do one by one. This is what it is to travel in a group. We just talk over each other. That’s actually how we broke the bed. Share each other’s clothes.

On multiple accounts, I was wearing Diana’s clothes. Anya was wearing my clothes. And it actually makes packing a lot easier. If you’re traveling anywhere where weather conditions may be severe, pack appropriately. It is hot as a MOFO. Can we talk about burn levels. Flaming fire. Another tip, if you plan on renting a car, make sure you pack an extra, extra long auxiliary cord, cause the people in the back will most likely want to control what you’re listening to. A little bit of Mary all night long A little bit of Jessica here I am A little bit of you makes me your man Mambo Number When you travel with a group, you need to bring stretchy pants, you need to bring your laxatives, you need to be prepared to throw all three months of the gym that you’ve been putting hard work into out the drain with all your disposal. At a Cuban restaurant, has a buttered bread. Okay, I’m gonna need one last piece. I said this like three pieces ago. Does anybody want the crumbs? Zamn. Friendship equals happiness, happiness equals indulgence, indulgence equals Key Lime Pie. (together) Key Lime Pie! I’m all about that crust life. It’s a beautiful thing until the bill comes and you don’t know how to split the check. Let’s talk money. Money is one of those topics that nobody actually wants to talk about. Unless is your name is Joanna Franco and Damon Dominique.

We’re the kinda people that will Venmo request each other for ten cents. None of this like oh we’re friends, I got you. No, because those I got yous will accumulate to a million dollars if you’re trying to be friendly. Keep track of who’s paying for what, and at the end of the day, cha-ching, cha-ching, Venmo pay each other back. Another good tip, be the friend that documents. (Friend) It’s very important that no matter what happens, you make time for those who are truly important to you. Above everything else because the one thing you never get back in life is time. And you need to invest time in your relationships, in those that make your heart happy. Then you have to part ways! I know, it’s the worst! I’m actually feeling really sad. It’s always the worst part. Aww! I love you, ladies. And that’s all I got for you today. Don’t forget to click that subscribe button. Did I hear that? It’s operation millie. We are trying to reach million subscribers. Don’t forget to read our blog. I actually wrote a blog about the time that I had a little argument with my best friends, so click on the description box below to read all of the juicy details. And we will see ya next time. (goofy noises) I have to say, if you’re gonna piss anybody off in the group, don’t piss off Jo cause she’s got that. I got the blackmail. I would never!

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